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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun with photo mashup

Oh, the perks of having a child in college!

 I am an official card-carrying college mom.

I absolutely love the photo mashup tools at Big Huge Labs. This is simply fun, fun, fun. Yet I can see several uses for it in education. I created a "You Need to Read" movie poster and hung it in my library. A history teacher could have students create ID cards for famous historical figures. I could make passes for students to be admitted to the library cafe. Clever signage for the library is also a possibility. The downside:  This is addictive.


  1. Love the photo ID! I can relate! Also great idea aboout kids using this site for creating historical figure ID's. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hehe - Love it. I'm thinking you should get this printed and wear it on your lanyard around school and see who notices.

  3. Sweet ID. That'd be a great way to do a quick author biography as well. Since I'm in the career-tech ed world, I could also envision having students create their future work ID badge. I hope you're enjoying your 23 Things journey! ~Jay